Sunday, August 16, 2015

Chuck Todd "You are FIRED!" - Call NBC NEWS - 202-885-4200 #BlackVotersMatter


Chuck Todd has ben rewarded by NBC News for reporting Republicans opinions as FACTS and not calling them out for lying.Todd is currently the host of Meet the Press and will be hosting an upcoming MSNBC 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time show.

Chuck Todd is not just a host on Meet the Press, he is the political director for NBC News. His attitude about letting Republican lies slide guides the political coverage at NBC News." Todd doesn't follow the same interviewing policy that its not his job to fact check or let LIES slides when interviewing Democrats or President Obama, 

The following video clip of Todd interview of President Obama is proof that he doesn't employ the same interview techniques with Democrats or their supporters.

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The hope and CHANGE that President Obama promised us in 2008 is so REAL and so close. I believe that Chuck Todd was given six hours weekly and the Political Director position to prevent a Democrat from winning the 2016 White House.

NBC News is using Chuck Todd to control and dictate the political narrative, Americans in general and Democrats in particular can't remain silent as the Republican bias media create a false narrative. debate, and outcome.

A FALSE narrative that is generated to prove that Black Voters who elected two-term President Obama votes DON'T MATTER. A FALSE narrative that makes a mockey of and tries to discredit the BlackLivesMatter movement as police are killing unarmed black men and women..

America is one election away from becoming GREAT. One election away from being a more perfect nation for all Americans. A nation that honors the Bill of Rights and 13th and 14th amendensts of equal protection and due process right of all of its citizens. One  election away from all Americans having equal opportunity for equality in justice, employment, housing, education, and getting Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Hispanic and African-Americans don't let the noise of  Chuck Todd control your mind or your actions. Don't let Todd depress us and destroy our Hope for a better life for our children. Don't be quiet and let the racist NBC News decision to give Todd 2 shows and 6 hours a week to help the Republican Party and harm the Democratic Party go unchallenged or unnoticed.

The November 8, 2016, election will be in just fourteen months. We should work daily to level the playing field by being proactive. BlackLivesMatter should be our motivation and battle cry as we call for Chuck Todd's termination. Use Twitter, Facebook, phone calls to NBC and every other method to STOP Todd and NBC from putting blacks back in CHAINS. Please answer Congressman Clyburn see something do some call to action.


Call NBC's Washington Bureau at 202-885-4200 and/or NBC Nightly News at 212-664-4971. Tell them that FIRE Chuck Todd and post the fact that you call and the number that you called on twitter and your social media networks. Don't give up call everyday.

Vera Richardson
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