Monday, August 3, 2015

America and World Can Have Third Obama Term with a 2016 Joe Biden's PRESIDENCY

America, World, President Obama coalition of Women, Poor, Gay Pride Community, Young, Students, Blacks, Seniors, and Hispanic need another President Obama and Vice President Biden term.  That is impossible because President Obama can't run again.

We can have a third Obama term with a man who shares our values and has fought for them for decades A man who has the experience, wisdom, knowledge, and heart to lead the nation and the world. That man is Vice President Joe Biden.

Vice President Biden will move this nation forward and build on the CHANGE and protect that Change made under Obama/Biden Administration.. With the diverse people featured in the video working for him Biden will win in 2016. After 2016 the Democratic Party will occupy the White House for the next 20 years or more.

We know from the Black Lives Matter movement that in 2015 we are experiencing racial hatred like some of us could never imagine. Our children and grand children need someone to continue to lead this nation to greatness. That man is Vice President Joe Biden.

The Republican Party has all of the major networks ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX helping them to spread LIES and half truths to TAKE their country Back, Take Blacks back to Jim Crow and SLAVERY, TAKE Hispanic back to MEXICO AND TAKE back the White House in 2016. Proof that the Republicans control the network is the fact that all four major networks refused President Obama airtime. President Obama wanted to inform the nation about the correction of the problems with the roll out of Affordable Care Act and fix that led to millions successfully signing up for "ObamaCare."

What the Republicans don't have and can't control is the coalition of remarkable, diverse, and educated people featured in the video that I made after Americans re-elected President Obama in 2012.

This is a Waterloo moment for Blacks, Hispanic, Democrats, Poor, and people who believe in EQUALITY and JUSTICE for ALL Americans. When we stop the Republicans in 2016 it will break that party and CHANGE America forever.

We need Joe Bident to run in 2016.With Joe as our nominee we will work and NOT only win the White House in 2016 but also take back the SENATE!

Vera Richardson
Author of Screwed by Former Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer 

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