Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lesson Learned from Hurricane Katrina - A DUMB President is not an Option for America

On a daily basis it seems like natural and man made disasters are occurring in America and around the world. I blelieve that on this fifth year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina we should look back, reflect, and learn from the way that disaster was mishandled by the Republican Party and George Bush.

Hurricane Katrina, this post and attached videos are direct evidence to support the fact that after eight years of GW Bush, this country can’t afford to have another incompetent, arrogant, and ignorant president ever again. Sorry Sarah a Palin/Beck or Beck/Palin presidency is a nightmare that this country MUST never experience.

Vera Richardson

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

RECLAIMING DR.MARTIN LUTHER KING’S DREAM (My false 2010 Prediction of Record Minority Voters)

Glenn Beck has scheduled a rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC for August 28, 2010. A counter rally and march titled "Reclaiming the Dream" will be held by Al Sharpton and other Civil Rights Leaders on the same day at a high school in Washington DC.

I believe that  it is not necessary to have a Reclaiming the Dream rally this year. My belief is based on the fact that some people including Glenn Beck are dangerously flirting with “taking our country back” to an era of pain, violence, hatred, and death for political gain. I am afraid that having these two totally political and racially different groups in the same place is a disaster waiting to happen.

A large part of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream was realized when the voters in 2008 elected Barack Obama who was the most qualified candidate as its president in 2008. The urgency is now we can’t afford to give racist Americans, the Republican Party, and/or the Glenn Becks in this country the opportunity to start or incite a riot, racial confrontation, and/or race war in America.

We can continue to reclaim Dr. King’s dream by striving to become a more perfect nation that respect the rights and aspirations of all of it citizens. We will show our power at the ballot box on November 2, 2010, as we go out in record numbers for the midterm elections.

Vera Richardson

Friday, August 13, 2010

May God Protect America from Socialism?

At approximately 3:15pm on August 10, 2010, I saw a small group of white men protesting in front of the Galleria Mall. The men were standing on the corner of Westheimer Blvd and Post Oak Blvd in downtown Houston, TX. This was the same day that former Houston mayor White the Democratic nominee for governor of Texas was “not available” to meet with the President Obama during his brief visit to the State of Texas.

The group had a couple of signs that read May God Protect America from Socialism and a small sign that requested drivers to honk if they supported them. I was disappointed after the driver in a white Lexus honked his horn and other drivers traveling on both Westheimer and Post Oak also joined in the protest.

The protestors at the Galleria Mall reinforced my heartfelt belief and fear that America is flirting with a race war. Therefore, I believe that African-Americans elected officials Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters must not let the pride prevent President Obama from achieving goals that were once unimaginable.

Are House Representatives Maxine Waters and Rangel tone deaf or too out of touch that they don’t realize the actions that some white Americans are willing to do to defeat President Obama? Haven’t they heard the promises to take this country back, repel the 14th amendment and the Health Care Reform bill, Governor Perry’s threat to leave the union and didn’t they witness the vote when the Republican Party voted “NO” to funding to keep teachers and firefighters employed.

Rangel and Waters must put this country first and beg if necessary to secure pleas deals. I would like to wish Congressman Rangel a happy belated birthday and strongly urge him to resign and/or retire for the good of Black America in general and American in particular.

The protestors standing in the extreme heat in Houston know that President Obama is an inclusive president who believes in equality. They also know that we are one election cycle from achieving even more goals that were once unimaginable to African-Americans, the disadvantaged, and the poor. We will secure a larger majority in Congress in 2010 that will allow President Obama to achieve his campaign promises. (Oh Yes We Will)

Vera Richardson


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Representative Maxine Waters Unfairly Playing the Race Card

Rep Maxine Waters (center) attending the June 2010 signing of the Wall Street Reform Bill

After reading CNN's article titled “Waters: I will not be a sacrificial lamb for anyone” and viewing the video I believe that Representative Waters is doing this entire nation a disservice with her implications that this charge against her is racial based. One of the reasons that real racism victims are subject to the charge of playing the race card is because of abuse of someone like Waters labeling their experience as racial when it is not.

This issue is not about being “a sacrificial lamb for anyone." It is about accepting responsibility for making a bad political decision. Its about the millions of Americans who voted for President Obama and want him to achieve his agenda. Its about millions of African-Americans believing in the political process. Its about what happens to this nation after the mid-term elections.

Representative Waters should make a plea deal and accept responsibility for her action(s) or lack of action(s). I don’t believe that Waters, a senior member of the House Financial Services Committee, who felt strongly enough about helping out black owned banks to make two high powered contacts “forgot” to tell her chief of staff to stop working on the project.

Lastly, President Obama ran on a platform of accountability for everyone. Based on a 15 year old tape played on Fox News today Waters agreed that elected officials should be held accountable for their actions. It is time for Representative Waters to be accountable.

Vera Richardson

Monday, August 9, 2010

CNN Will Not Feature Any of My Factual Employment Discrimination I-Reports

Why won’t CNN would scored a media touchdown with their professional handling of the Shirley Sherrod’s manufactured reverse discrimination case feature any of my personal, factual, and very painful racism and discrimination I-Reports?

I have been an I-Reporter for since June 9, 2008. CNN has featured seven of my I-Reports and I was interviewed via Skype on during United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Sotomayor’s confirmation hearing. My picture was also included on the CNN-I-Reporter’s Wall featured on John King’s show. (I am the last person on the bottom right in picture)

Additionally, I am so proud of the fact that my family was featured on the front page of and my I-Report was featured by the network on the day that President Obama signed the Health Care Reform Bill.
Health Care Reform I-Report

On May 6, 2010, I posted a video and an I-Report titled A Employment Discrimination Victim Emotional Appeal for Justice.” view report I posted the video after watching Anderson Cooper’s coverage of the study of race with our nation’s children and the debate on the comments made by GOP Paul Rand on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended. Watching the coverage which was very useful was painful for me.

During the week of July 19, 2010, racism once again became a national obsession (the Sherrod story). On July 22, 2010, I posted an I-Report titled “Racism Hurts” and video after watching Shirley Sherrod’s appearance of the Morning Joe Show. Racism hurts video

To say that I am disappointed that the “most trusted network for news” still hasn’t investigated and/or vented my factual allegations of employment discrimination would be an understatement. I know that Eliot Spitzer is scheduled to co-host a prime-time on CNN.
 my I-Report titled "Its Offical Instead of Jail Cell Spitzer Gets His Own TV Show"
The above mentioned fact doesn’t negate the fact that he played a major role in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court not reversing the clearly unjust and erroneous summary judgment dismissal of my employment discrimination lawsuit

The fact Spitzer a person who was the head of an agency that has a Civil Rights Bureau that is charged with enforcing the mandates of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would tolerate Mike Russo, Asst NYS Attorney General filing his own declaration that contained perjured statement and the perjured declarations of Lee Gould, NYSDOCS Director of Personnel, Supt A Andrews (African-American female), Sgt Reed, Gerald Goncalves, Office of Affirmative Action (Hispanic male), James Berbary, Deputy Superintendent of Administration still causes me great pain.

My employment discrimination and retaliation experience lasted for three of the ten years that I was employed by New York State Department of Correctional Services. It continued for four more years with the New York State Attorney General’s Office (1997-2001) and ended with a court order from the United States Supreme Court. The abuse that I suffered at the hands of Eliot Spitzer’s staff was more painful than that of NYSDOCS and New York State Department of Civil Service’s supervisors. It was more painful because since I was fourteen years old I have believed in the guarantees of due process and equal protection provided by the 13th and 14th amendments of the United States Constitution. I still believe.

Vera Richardson