Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Are JEWS Next? Donald Trump's Racism: OBAMA, Mexicans, Disabled Journalist, BLACKS, Muslims


No one challenged Trump when he forced a sitting African-American President to prove that he was an American. So he attacked Mexicans, then he attacked a disabled journalist, then he attacked GWB Iraq/ISSL created Syrian migrants, then Muslim-Americans.

Jews remember Germany YOU can be or ARE you NEXT? If Donald Trump is elected PRESIDENT of the United States of America who will stand up for you or stand up to President Donald Trump? African-Americans survived slavery this nation can and will survive if this nation looks racism in the face and reject it and Donald Trump.

Racism has gotten worst since this nation elected its first African-American president Barack Hussein Obama. Fueled by Republicans January 20, 2009, Secret RACIST Meeting hosted by Fox News and CBS News contributor, Frank Luntz. Republicans attending the Vote NO to every and anything that "Obama" promised the 2008 voters, included now Speaker of the HOUSE Paul Ryan, Former Republican Minority Leader of the House Eric Cantor, and current GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy. (Democrats run ads now to expose this continued GOP conspiracy against democracy and win 2016 White House.)

The Republicans RACISM "created/build" Donald Trump (Thanks John McCain). Today, TEA Party racists and Donald have now taken over the Republican Party and the media. Examples of the media racism and/or bias include CBS NEWS', Frank Luntz, Meet the Press host and NBC Political Director Chuck Todd, and MSNBC Morning Joe Show.

Republican Donald Trump says HE will make this nation GREAT again. One of the RACIST ways Trump promises to achieve his goal is to deny the 14th amendment of the United States Constitution protection to some citizens BORN in America.  He said that he would deport the children born here to illegal immigrants back to Mexico with their parents.

Part of his 2016 RACIST campaign platform is to end birthright citizenship. Trump is either lying outright to Americans or promising to deny due process and equal protection of the Fourteen Amendment to Mexican-Americans.

May God  Helps Us ALL if Trump WINS. Its possible because on November 30, 2015, he had approximately 21 minutes of FREE advertisement on MSNBC Morning Joe Show. Or if Trump STEALS the 2016 Presidential Election using the false narrative that Blacks voted for him based on Black pastors support.

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