Saturday, June 11, 2016

Father God Please Continue to Protect President Obama from All Enemies Domestic and Foreign

This post is a response to Republican Georgia Senator David Perdue call for prayer that President Obama days be few. The fact that a Senator has the audacity to make his request and/or statement about a two term elected African-American president is evidence that our nation needs prayer.


It is also evidence that the Secret Service should use to go and pick Senator David Perdue up and bring him in for questioning. Imagine if any other person had made this statement anywhere in America. That person would have been approached by Secret Service. The Secret Service should bring Perdue in to set an example. No one is above the law. The Secret Service should  question hi to stop him and others from issuing calls for others to harm the President of the United States of America. 

Calls that it appears some in this nation sees as the only way to stop Secretary Clinton from winning the White House and the Democrats from taking back the Senate on November 8, 2016. Join me in praying for our nation, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and that the Secret Service do its job and hold Senator Perdue accountable for his call for prayer as it relates to President Obama.

Your Black Gospel: A Prayer of Protection for Senator Barack Obama 

Original post on January 7, 2008 on Your Black Gospel

Jesus you are so Awesome. You are all powerful God. Lord You are the ruler of the universe. You alone are God. You alone rule this world and You God controls our very lives.

Father as a people that loves and adore You we come before You this day to say thank You. LORD, I want to thank You for a praying mother God. Lord I want to thank You for this great opportunity that You have present to me. Lord we thank You for Dr. Boyce Watkins and for giving him the vision for this website.

God thank You for keeping us strong during the difficult times of slavery, segregation, and racial discrimination. Thanks to You Father we survived those unthinkable horrors of our past.

Lord we come before You this day seeking your face Lord, seeking your protection God as we venture into our new political reality. We believe that we will soon witness the manifestations of the promises that you made to Dr. Martin Luther King and our forefathers God. Thank You Lord for the fact that we are living during this time.

Lord God please protect Senator Barack Obama as he matches towards his divine destiny. Lord Father God we praise your Holy Name Jesus. God we know that the enemy comes to seek, to devour, and to destroy. Father God please protect Obama from the people of this world who do the enemy’s works on the earth.

Lord we have seen what the enemy has done in Pakistan and Kenya. Please Lord protect this country from the same type of election turmoil, confusion, and strife that is the current reality of those two countries and in other nations on the earth.

God as You know this country professes to be a God loving and God fearing nation. Father please help those that are called my your name live up to words that they so freely utter daily Lord. Please Father God spare us from the fate and the division caused during the 2000 presidential election.

Please God place it in the hearts and minds of this nation and its people the wisdom and courage to demand and respect an orderly, fair, and impartial political process during this historic election year.
Lord we pray that America will once again be a true example of democracy, love, and peace to the rest of the world.

Lord please forgive us for our sins and our past mistakes. Lord. Forgive us for greed Lord. Please give us the spirit of forgiveness Lord. Let us forgive those who have hurt, harmed, or wounded us Lord.

Please God heal this nation from the hurts and division of the last two presidential elections. Please God let Americans behave as one nation united under God. Father, help us to turn from our wicked ways God. Help us Lord to daily seek your face God.

Jesus we praise you and we glorify your Holy name. You are so Holy Lord. For thine is the kingdom and the power and the Glory. Forever Amen.

Vera Richardson
Author of "Screwed by Former Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer"

As I completed my assignment from God (writing my book) He placed 2 Chronicles 7:14 in my heart:

I am to declare His words to the world: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (KJV)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

DOWNLOAD My $2.99 Book to Help President Obama Appoint Justice Scalia Replacement

       Me pictured with Congressman Clyburn while volunteering at Pres Obama Norfolk, VA office
DOWNLOAD "Screwed by Former Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer"

 Senator McConnell and the Republicans decision not to confirm Justice Scalia's replacement to the Supreme Court of the United States is RACISM.  McConnell has decided to ignore the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections result because the winner Barack Obama is BLACK.  

          Video of  Hope for America, Joy, Fear, and Tears on Morning After 2012 Presidential Election

I never imagined the Republicans Racism to President Obama would be active 4 years after he WON. We can't let them (Racist) win. Blacks and Hispanics can't continue to live in FEAR year after year or elections after elections. 

I know that God created me for just this time in our nation's history. My divine purpose is to shed light on AMERICA'S racism. That purpose included appealing a Civil Rights Act of 1964, Employment and Discrimination case to the Supreme Court of the United States without an attorney.

One of the reason I had to represented myself (Pro-Se) the district court judge Elfvin denial of four motions seeking appointment of counsel. My divine purpose including writing a 364 book that includes direct evidence uploaded in the it as pictures.

Video of me discussing my book at Martin Luther King Memorial during 2011 Dedication Ceremony

 DOWNLOAD My BOOK "Screwed by Former Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer" to see the evidence that Justice Scalia and the Court ignored in my case. Download the book and have a fact based racism conversation that can CHANGE America FOREVER. A conversation that will lead to a heavy 2016 Democratic voter turnout and a Supreme Court appointment that reflects the value of  the amazing but racial abused President Obama.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Justice Scalia and US Supreme Court Denied me Justice!

On Friday February 12, 2016, President Obama told Ellen that her courage to let world know her truth changed hearts and minds about the gay community. My book can change hearts and minds on racism in this country. Nothing happens by chance it is divine. 

DOWNLOAD $2.99 BOOK  "Screwed by Former Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer"  and read the direct evidence and case that Justice Scalia the Court voted not to review.

A poor girl from Florida experience the worst case of civil injustice --- DEMOCRATIC New York State Attorney General Eliot files 7 perjured declarations in federal court.  A federal justice appointed by Republican President Ronald Reagan deceased "Judge Elfvin" grants New York State Departments of Corrections and Civil Service summary judgment motion based on the perjured declarations.

That poor and depressed woman appeals the case all the way to the Supreme Court and that Court reviews to reverse the unjust dismissal. For 18 long years I have fought for justice and for my story to have a voice. 

Will the RACISM of Republican Party to prevent a two term African-American President from appointing a Supreme Court justice?  Will Scalia's death be the tool that finally leads America especially African-Americas and Black Hollywood to DOWNLOAD $2.99 BOOK  "Screwed by Former Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer"  and Advance MLK Jr's Dream.

In Screwed by Former Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer Richardson’s employment discrimination experienced and her life are detailed in great length. The book includes original evidentiary documents that were uploaded into the book as pictures. The documents includes but are not limited to deposition testimonies, doctors’ reports, letters, perjured declarations, court orders, and transcripts of oral arguments and administrative hearings
The book and the direct evidence in it allows Americans and readers around the world the opportunity to decide and render a verdict on an employment discrimination case. Additionally the book will allow readers to decide if the Supreme Court should have reviewed and remanded Richardson’s case back to the district court.

Like BeyoncĂ© and Jada P Smith we must take a stand and stop Donald Trump AND RACISM! 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Are JEWS Next? Donald Trump's Racism: OBAMA, Mexicans, Disabled Journalist, BLACKS, Muslims


No one challenged Trump when he forced a sitting African-American President to prove that he was an American. So he attacked Mexicans, then he attacked a disabled journalist, then he attacked GWB Iraq/ISSL created Syrian migrants, then Muslim-Americans.

Jews remember Germany YOU can be or ARE you NEXT? If Donald Trump is elected PRESIDENT of the United States of America who will stand up for you or stand up to President Donald Trump? African-Americans survived slavery this nation can and will survive if this nation looks racism in the face and reject it and Donald Trump.

Racism has gotten worst since this nation elected its first African-American president Barack Hussein Obama. Fueled by Republicans January 20, 2009, Secret RACIST Meeting hosted by Fox News and CBS News contributor, Frank Luntz. Republicans attending the Vote NO to every and anything that "Obama" promised the 2008 voters, included now Speaker of the HOUSE Paul Ryan, Former Republican Minority Leader of the House Eric Cantor, and current GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy. (Democrats run ads now to expose this continued GOP conspiracy against democracy and win 2016 White House.)

The Republicans RACISM "created/build" Donald Trump (Thanks John McCain). Today, TEA Party racists and Donald have now taken over the Republican Party and the media. Examples of the media racism and/or bias include CBS NEWS', Frank Luntz, Meet the Press host and NBC Political Director Chuck Todd, and MSNBC Morning Joe Show.

Republican Donald Trump says HE will make this nation GREAT again. One of the RACIST ways Trump promises to achieve his goal is to deny the 14th amendment of the United States Constitution protection to some citizens BORN in America.  He said that he would deport the children born here to illegal immigrants back to Mexico with their parents.

Part of his 2016 RACIST campaign platform is to end birthright citizenship. Trump is either lying outright to Americans or promising to deny due process and equal protection of the Fourteen Amendment to Mexican-Americans.

May God  Helps Us ALL if Trump WINS. Its possible because on November 30, 2015, he had approximately 21 minutes of FREE advertisement on MSNBC Morning Joe Show. Or if Trump STEALS the 2016 Presidential Election using the false narrative that Blacks voted for him based on Black pastors support.

   Vera Richardson - Lead America to Equality and Justice for ALL
    Preview, Download, Read, and Discuss my $2.99 book Screwed by Former         Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer



Friday, August 28, 2015

WDBJ General Manager Jeffrey Marks Narrative of Murderer Vester Flanagan Discrimination Complaints Should be Investigated

RIP Alison Parker and Adam Ward--- Bryce Williams shooting and murdering people was unacceptable and wrong even if he was a victim like me of employment discrimination and retaliation.


I believe that former LA cop Christopher Dorner’s and Bryce Williams deadly ordeals are tragic. I also believe that they gives  this nation a reason and an opportunity to review and discuss my personal employment discrimination and retaliation case.

We will never know if Flanagan and Dorner were real victims but based on my racism experience. I believe that they were victims like me. Unlike me who exhausted all avenues of legal redress, they decided to murder people after the system failed to address, correct, and/or give them justice.

There are many victims in the race related murder story at WDBJ. One of those victims is Vester Flanagan. This nation should want the true about Bryce Williams (Flanagan) allegations of employment discrimination and actions taken to address them. We need to know the truth so tha we can use that knowledge to prevent more victims from losing their jobs and lives.

In my opinion WDBJ Manager Jeffrey Marks narrative isn't backed up with evidence and it should be. Three people lost their lives and all of the circumstances that led to this unspeakable horror should be investigated by parties not connected with the station or any of the victims.

This post isn't about blaming Alison or Adam for their deaths but about fixing a system that is broken. Victims of employment discrimination and retaliation must believe that their complaints of violations of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is an effective method to seek redress. They must not feel hopeless and use violence to kill others and/or themselves.

Vera Richardson
Author of Screwed by Former Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Donald Trump RACIST “Make America Great Again” OR HELP Richardson Lead America to GREATNESS?

Racism not only still exists in America is has gotten worst since this nation elected its first African-American president Barack Hussein Obama.

Republican Donald Trump says HE will make this nation GREAT again. One of the RACIST ways Trump promises to achieve his goal is to deny the 14th amendment of the United States Constitution protection to some citizens BORN in America.

Part of his 2016 RACIST campaign platform is to end birthright citizenship. Trump is either lying outright to Americans or promising to deny due process and equal protection of the Fourteen Amendment to some Mexican-Americans. He said that he would deport the children born here to illegal immigrants back to Mexico with their parents.

The Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution Section 1.   All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.  No state shall make or enforce any law, which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

I believe that nothing happens by chance that it is DIVINE Trump's using the 14th Amendment as part of his 2016 presidential bid and my life changing experience with that same amendment are not random occurences.

"In a 9th grade Civic class at age 14 the fact that the Fourteenth Amendment contained the due process and equal protection clauses meant more to me than my teacher would ever know. The knowledge that all Americans are protected by “our” constitution changed my whole outlook on life.

My mother’s statement made years earlier that we are all equal because GOD made us all raced through my mind. I realized and accepted the fact that GOD really did make all people equal. The knowledge and acceptance of this fact coupled with my newfound understanding of the meaning of the 13th and 14th amendments guarantees would order and guide me for the rest of my life to my divine destiny and purpose.

HOPE was present in my life for the first time. As an American these two amendments ensured me that my future would be brighter and different than that of my mother. I would achieve my mother’s dream for me to graduate from high school. I would also accomplish my new dream for myself to graduate from college. My new dream now consisted of graduating from college, having a husband, having children that shared the same last name, and living in a beautiful house." Pgs. 73-74 of  "Screwed by Former Governor and Attorney General EliotSpitzer."  
         Page 77 of book
I want to lead this nation to GREATNESS.  I can by using my story which proves that RACISM exist and presenting President Obama with an opportunity to correct one form of racism employment discrimination. I believe I was created by God to shed LIGHT on employment discrimination and retaliation, which will lead to President Obama amending Title VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964 again.  

The August 26, 2015, murder of television reporter Alison Parker and camera man Adam Ward by Bryce Williams, Black Lives Matter movement, the 2016 Presidential Election, and the current race crisis (police killing unarmed Blacks) makes this a perfect time for me to be featured as a guest on television, internet, or radio show. I am uniquely qualified to contribute to a conversation on race and racism because of my employment discrimintion experience and court case. 

I believe that many people in America are in denial about employment discrimination. Some people are in denial because they haven't experienced racism or employment discrimination. Others are in denial because they haven't seen or read any direct evidence that proves it. Will you HELP ME lead this nation to GREATNESS by giving my book and story a voice?

I am the author of a non-fiction book "Screwed by Former Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer."  My book and the evidence in that was uploaded as pictures will prove systemic racism to Americans and the world. My book contains proof of racism at Albion Correctional Facility, New York State Attorney General's Office, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, the United States Supreme Court, and the Justice Department of the United States.
My book ends with a chapter appealing to President Obama.I HOPE and PRAY that he uses my book and  case to justify using an Executive Order to amend Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 

Page 374 of Screwed by Former Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer

Amending the Act again would prevent one judge from having the absolute power to grant summary judgment motions that dismiss employment discrimination and retaliation cases. Amending Title VII again will also give people like murderer Bryce Williams an effective and legal way to seek redress for alleged employment racism and discrimination. 

More importantly amending the Act again will lead this nation on a path of GREATNESS.  Both the equal protection and due process clauses of the 14th amendments of the United States Constitution and the Civil Right Act of 1964 will become living realities for all Americans.

Vera Richardson