Monday, April 29, 2013

President Obama Should Use Long Airport Traveling Delays Caused by Sequester as a Political Weapon

The typo in the Sequester Bill to end long airlines delays caused by the furlough of air traffic controllers gives President Obama a chance to fight for program cuts that hurt the non-flying public. African-Americans stood in long lines for three to seven hours to vote in 2008 and 2012. Therefore, those who mocked President Obama’s efforts to prevent the sequester by flying around the country warning of long lines at our airports shouldn’t be allowed to pick and fix parts of the sequester to please their base.

 PLEASE PRESIDENT OBAMA DON’T SIGN the “Reducing Flight Delays Act of 2013.” According to a Washington Post article “Obama has pretty much tried it all. He has met privately with Republican leaders in the House, collaborated with bipartisan groups of senators and taken his case to the people, hoping that the power of public opinion could win over his opponents in Congress. This year none of those efforts have worked.”

One thing “Obama” hasn’t tried is fighting fire with fire when dealing with the Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and the GOP. The GOP routinely use self-made crises to further their agenda and to control the nation narrative i.e. debt ceiling, reducing the debt). President Obama SHOULDN’T sign a bill to “prevent reduced operations and staffing” at the FAA UNTIL Boehner and the GOP accept a deal that repeal the entire Sequester.

Vera Richardson
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Friday, April 26, 2013

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Signing “Reducing Flight Delays Act of 2013” Bill" & Rubio Leading on Immigration WRONG

PRESIDENT OBAMA was called a liar and accused of using scare tactics when he warned nations of that the sequester would cause long delays in air traffic. On April 25, 2013, his accusers in the Senate passed a resolution to prevent reduced operation and staffing at the FAA.

Should President Obama sign the bill “prevent reduced operations and staffing” at the FAA? HELL NO! Should President Obama play let’s make a deal with Boehner and the GOP and accept a deal that doesn't repeal the entire Sequester? HELL NO! Should President Obama, Senator Reid, and Nancy Pelosi accept any deal with Speaker Boehner, Tea Party members, and GOP that doesn’t offer the same amount of monetary funding (253 million) provided to easy air travel delays for Wall Street to restore programs cuts for the young, sick, disabled, and/or poor? HELL NO!

It time that Reid stand up to the GOP and remember the Hispanic voters that saved his A-- in 2012. Reid get a backbone and pass a filibuster reform bill. President Obama please demand that Reid enact filibuster reform NOW!

We can't and/or won't continue to WAIT for another election (2014), for Democrats to lead and not blindly follow Senator Rubio on Immigration Reform, and for Reid to introduce and pass FILIBUSTER REFORM. We voted for CHANGE in 2008 and 2012 and we want it NOW! Boehner and GOP have passed over 30 bills to repeal OBAMACARE. Therefore, it's time for Boehner to get off his A-- and bring a bill to the House of Representative that will repeal the entire (Sequester) Budget Control Act of 2011.
 Vera Richardson
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Is Walmart Staff Shortages Retaliatory Behavior against Voters, Obama, and Obamacare?

4/2/13 Huff post on customer complaint agst WalMart On12/3/12... on Twitpic

Click picture to start video I taped at Wal-Mart approx 1 year ago of long lines.... or view it here

A article dated April 2, 2013, stated in part: ” Wal-Mart customers from Hawaii to Florida and from Texas to Vermont wrote to express their frustration after Bloomberg News reported March 26 that there aren’t enough workers in the stores to keep shelves stocked, cash registers manned and shoppers’ questions answered.I believe that the Bloomberg article supports my belief that staff shortages at Walmart could be retaliatory behavior by Walmart executives.

According to the article Wal-Mart U.S. had sales of about $274.5 billion in the year ended Jan. 31, more than the total sales of Target Corp. (TGT) and Costco Wholesale Corp. (COST) combined in their comparable periods.

On Saturday December 1, 2012, at approximately 8:30pm I videotaped long lines and wait time to check out in a local Walmart store in Houston, Texas. As evident from my conversation with a shopper in the store I couldn’t understand why the store wasn’t fully staffed and more if not every cash register opened.

On December 2, 2012, I read an article titled “Walmart's New Health Care Policy Shifts Burden to Medicaid, Obamacare.” Base on the content of the article I believe that Walmart’s decided to reduce the hours of its employees in order to deny them employer based health care coverage. I also believe that staff reduction contributed to the long lines and frustration of many of the shoppers in the store on December 1, 2012.

 On December 3, 2012, I posted video featured in this post in a CNN I-Report titled: “REASONS to Boycott Walmart: Obamacare, Low Wages, Long Lines, and Employee Retaliation.” I stated in the report the Walton family and its corporate executives appear to be trying to punish low income wages earners employed by them by cutting their hours and health insurances coverage for voting for Obama. I believe that Obama supporters of all ages, racial, ethnic, backgrounds and economic classes should boycott Walmart and Sam Clubs.

Walmart shoppers should support the underpaid and overworked employees at Walmart and Obamacare. Boycott Walmart until they change their new health care policy and/or stop retaliation actions against employees for speaking out for better pay, fair schedules and affordable health care. Bud and Sam Walton, are the founders of the world’s biggest retailer, Wal-Mart. The Waltons have a combined wealth of US$93 billion.

According to an ABC News post Walmart cut ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) a conservative group and donated money to conservative candidates including Mitt Romney. On November 6, 2012, the voters rejected Mitt Romney and the Republican’s promise to repeal Obama’s health care reform bill. It is now time for consumers/customers to reject Walmart.

Walmart workers shouldn’t bear the unnecessary burden of fighting for work hours and entitled health care benefits. Its insane for shoppers to have to wait in long lines to give the Walton family and their stockholders their money. It is even more insane to shop at Walmart when that company supported ALEC, Mitt Romney, opposed President Obama, and appears to be engaged in retaliation of its employees and possible customers.

The time for action is now. BOYCOTT WALMART by shopping at other retailers and grocery stores.
 Vera Richardson
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