Friday, December 5, 2014

Black Lives Matters: Call Senator Reid 202-224-3542 to Confirm ALL Pres Obama Judges

          Thank you Senator Reid for being a friend to African-Americans and President Obama

The grand juries decisions not to indicted police officers in Ferguson, MO and NYC in the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Gardner highlights the need for a fair judiciary. African-Americans and all people who believe that Black lives matters please use this movement to CHANGE the make up of the federal courts.

According to a USA Today November 1, 2013, article "Lining the federal bench with judges who enjoy lifetime tenure is one of the most significant perks of the presidency. Two terms presidents generally appoint nearly 40% or 350 of the 874 federal judges. That's a game changing number. Imagine the next Democratic president elected in 2016 appointing more federal judges.

We can't change the hearts and minds of RACIST GOP leaders who on January 20, 2009, the night Senator Obama became president met and plotted against him and America. Neither can we change the minds of Republicans in the House and Senate who are determined to denied President Obama a successful president or his right to appoint qualified judicial nominees.

Please call Reid at  202-224-3542. Tell him that you are calling to request that he bring as many of President Obama nominated judiciary candidates to the floor for a simple majority vote of 51 senators. Reid should not let the Republicans continue abuse of the "Blue Slip" courtesy deny the Senate from confirming federal judges that will have LIFETIME appointments.

After you call please post that fact to CNN-I-Reports, social media, Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc. Use the hashtag #ConfirmPresidentObamaJudges

Thanks in advance

Vera Richardson
Author of Screwed by Former Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer click to preview my employment discrimination book which can be a foundation for a face based race conversation.