Friday, August 13, 2010

May God Protect America from Socialism?

At approximately 3:15pm on August 10, 2010, I saw a small group of white men protesting in front of the Galleria Mall. The men were standing on the corner of Westheimer Blvd and Post Oak Blvd in downtown Houston, TX. This was the same day that former Houston mayor White the Democratic nominee for governor of Texas was “not available” to meet with the President Obama during his brief visit to the State of Texas.

The group had a couple of signs that read May God Protect America from Socialism and a small sign that requested drivers to honk if they supported them. I was disappointed after the driver in a white Lexus honked his horn and other drivers traveling on both Westheimer and Post Oak also joined in the protest.

The protestors at the Galleria Mall reinforced my heartfelt belief and fear that America is flirting with a race war. Therefore, I believe that African-Americans elected officials Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters must not let the pride prevent President Obama from achieving goals that were once unimaginable.

Are House Representatives Maxine Waters and Rangel tone deaf or too out of touch that they don’t realize the actions that some white Americans are willing to do to defeat President Obama? Haven’t they heard the promises to take this country back, repel the 14th amendment and the Health Care Reform bill, Governor Perry’s threat to leave the union and didn’t they witness the vote when the Republican Party voted “NO” to funding to keep teachers and firefighters employed.

Rangel and Waters must put this country first and beg if necessary to secure pleas deals. I would like to wish Congressman Rangel a happy belated birthday and strongly urge him to resign and/or retire for the good of Black America in general and American in particular.

The protestors standing in the extreme heat in Houston know that President Obama is an inclusive president who believes in equality. They also know that we are one election cycle from achieving even more goals that were once unimaginable to African-Americans, the disadvantaged, and the poor. We will secure a larger majority in Congress in 2010 that will allow President Obama to achieve his campaign promises. (Oh Yes We Will)

Vera Richardson


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