Monday, August 19, 2013

Was Sister Diana Sailor Denied Heart Treatment $10,000 LifeVest Because of Lack of Insurance Coverage?

NOTE: I found out that Diana Sailor, who is 45 years old, was discharged without the LifeVest on Sunday August 18, 2013, during a 8:35 pm telephone call. While I was on the phone I received a call from the sister of my friend Jimmy Robinson. During that 9:13 pm telephone conversation I was informed that Jimmy who had heart problems died of heart attack in a car earlier on Sunday August 18, 2013.

On August 16, 2013, my sister Diana Sailor was discharged from Florida Hospital Tampa without a life saving LifeVest which was prescribed by her treating physician on August 9, 2013.  A LifeVest is a personal defibrillator worn by a patient at risk for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).  It monitors the patient's heart continuously. If the patient needs it delivers a shock treatment to restore the patient's heart to normal rhythm without bystander intervention for a high-risk heart patients awaiting implants.

According to another sister Diann was told by the physician that if she left the hospital without the LifeVest her chance of surviving was one (1) percent. Diann who is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) was also told that she is totally disabled and CAN'T WORK.

During her ten day stay in the hospital payment of the $10,000 cost of the vest was discussed. Diana was told that she would receive the LifeVest  although she didn't have insurance that would cover the cost of the LifeVest or the $500.00 down payment needed for a payment plan .

On the day that she was to meet with a specialist to receive instructions on the LifeVest another doctor examined her and told her that she would not need the LifeVest. Although Diann cried and stated that she was scared to leave the hospital without the vest she was discharge on August 16, 2013, without the life saving devise. Was she discharged and sent home with prescribed medications and not the LifeVest because of the COST of the LifeVest, no insurance coverage, and/or that her LIFE wasn't viewed as WORTHY of being saved?

Please investigate and/or donate the money needed for my sister to obtain much need HEALTH CARE TREATMENT.

Vera Richardson
Preview Screwed by Former Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer

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