Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Call NBC Nightly News:202-885-4200- Chuck Todd is Responsible for Reporting Facts not Lies, Talking Points, or Opinions

Updated August 16, 2015, since I made my call and wrote this post Chuck Todd has ben rewarded by NBC News for his stated position of reporting Republicans opinions as FACTS. He is the host of Meet the Press and will be hosting an umcoming MSNBC 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time show.

Democrats can't remain silent and let the Republican bias media and talking heads like Chuck Todd control the political narrative and debate.  A FALSE narrative that is generated to prove that Black Voters who elected two term President Obama DON'T MATTER. A FALSE narrative that makes a mockey of and tries to discredit the BlackLivesMatter movement.

America is one election away from becoming a more perfect nation. One election away from becoming GREAT. A nation who honors the Bill of Rights and 13th and 14th amendensts of equal protection and due process right of all of its citizens.

The hope and CHANGE that President Obama promised us in 2008 is so REAL and so close. In fact people like Todd are shaking in their boots in fear that all Americans will have equality in justice, employment, housing, education, and Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Black or African-Americans Democrats don't let the noise of  Chuck Todd control your mind or your actions. Don't let Todd depress us and destroy our Hope for a better life for our children. Don't be quiet and let the racist NBC News decision to give Todd 2 shows and 6 hours a week to help the Republican Party and harm the Democratic Party go unchallenged or unnoticed.

BlackLivesMatter should be our battle cry as we call for Chuck Todd's termination. Use Twitter, Facebook, phone calls to NBC and every other method to STOP Todd and NBC from putting blacks back in CHAINS. Please answer Congressman Clyburn see something do some call to action.



Call NBC Nightly News:202-885-4200-  Chuck Todd is Responsible for Reporting Facts not Lies, Talking Points, or Opinions.

I responded to a CALL FOR ACTION to  take a few minutes to call NBC News and demand a public apology for Chuck Todd's on-air claim that it isn't the role of journalists to separate fact from fiction in political debates. Link to get info and take action by making a phone call like I did: http://act.credoaction.com/call/nbc_chuck_tdd/

 My recorded call to NBC Nightly news 212-664-4971. You can also call NBC's Washington Bureau at 202-885-4200

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