Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Life: A Story of Racism, Prayer, History, Determination, and HOPE

On January 6, 2013, my youngest daughter emailed me a poem that she wrote for me. Her kindness and thoughtful act encouraged me and warmed my heart.

 Mom-- An original in all of your ways. Your life is a story of prayers and history, converging to birth one of a kind. The outhouses of Quincy were supposed to shackle you.

You were supposed to settle with scraps wallow in ignorance, strive for nothing,
A migrant worker's trip to Brockport supposed to solidify your inferiority-- Instead it released a wave of hope a wave of determination Faith.

And though this faith has been tried And though your path has languished in the unknown This hope, this determination, this faith still beckons

There is pride in your children There is pride in your feats. But the past shall not keep you. You must continue to journey on.

 Some of your steps will be in the dark. The path will narrow, leaving room only enough for one. Fear not, turn away never. An original in all of your ways.

Vera Richardson
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