Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bravo to President Obama and His All White Male National Security Team

Some people including Joe Scarborough have been quite vocal in their criticism of President Obama national security appointments nominee because they are all white men. I disagree with Scarborough. I applaud President Obama for his national security nominees John Brennan, John Kerry, and Chuck Hagel, who are all white highly qualified men.

One of the most important tasks for this nation’s first African-American president or any president is the national security of this nation. Dr. King’s vision and the 1964 Civil Rights Act of 1964 advocates hiring or appointing the best person for a job or position based on their qualifications and not the color of their skin, gender, or national origin. In selecting his national security team President Obama hired the most qualified people who in this case happened to be ALL WHITE MEN.

Vera Richardson
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