Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Romney & Sons Loves Mormonism and Money but None Loved America Enough to Serve in the Military

Romney wants to have the authority, as Commander in Chief, to send our children and grandchildren to war although neither he nor his FIVE sons, all able bodied men, have ever served this nation by enlisting in its military. Romney and his FIVE sons have only paid lip service with their declarations of LOVE for America.  The Romney’s have demonstrated with their money donations and missions to their Mormon faith their LOVE of Mormonism.
Romney has also shown his LOVE of MONEY by making by most sources 250 million dollars as co-founder and according to documents filed with SEC SOLE owner of BAIN CAPITAL.  Mitt Romney and his wife have money in Swiss bank accounts and investments in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.  Therefore, we don’t have a reliable method to determine how much money is in the Romney’s off shore accounts.

An example to support my belief, that even if you are super rich and important, you can still serve and protect your country is Prince William and his brother Prince Harry. Unlike Mitt Romney and his FIVE sons, both of these young men served in their nations military.  In fact Prince William is currently serving asa search and rescue pilot in the Air Force.

I am an African-American female and my ONLY son served this nation as a military police officer in the Marine Corp for four years.

Why didn’t any of the Romney men find time in their lives or heart to serve this great nation? What does Mitt and his son value more the Mormon faith, money, or America's national security?  The fact that none have served in our military tells me and should tell you that the answer isn’t America’s national security.

Vera Richardson Author of 
 “Screwed by Former Governor and Attorney GeneralEliot Spitzer” 

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