Thursday, September 9, 2010

President Obama Is Fired Up and Ready to Go Again!

I believe that perception is everything. President Obama’s performance on September 8, 2010, destroyed the perception that he wasn’t willing to launch an aggressive counter effort to keep Democratic control of Congress. His economic speech in Ohio was wonderful and motivated me even more.

The Republicans are engaged in doing and saying anything to try to control Congress. I believe that President Obama supporters especially African and Hispanic Americans will make the difference during the midterm elections. The urgency is now and the Democratic Party needs to keep both the House and Senate.

Those of you who don’t support Pres Obama because of the agenda and platform that got him elected I understand your pain. I voted for him for the same reasons that you all oppose him and I support and love him for the fact that he is fulfilling his campaign promises. That said I know that we will never agree on this subject but that’s okay.

If President Obama can take the daily verbal abusive and unfair political tactics used by the Republican Party African and Hispanic Americans must do our part by matching to the voting polls on November 2, 2010.

Vera Richardson

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