Thursday, September 23, 2010

Did the Republicans and Bush Fool You and Will the Republicans Fool You Again?

One of my sisters and uncle voted for George W Bush in 2000. My sister voted for him because of his social issue stance on marriage. My uncle who retired from the US Navy after 27 years of service voted for him for national security reason. Both of them would later tell me that Bush fooled them.

Did the Republicans and Bush fool any of you?

The Democratic Party is working to get this economy back on track after eight years of lies, deceit, and greed.

The Republican Party is responsible for the mourning in America that is depicted in their recent campaign ad titled "Mouring in America".

Wake up America! You have a clear choice (quoting GWB you are either with us or against us). Don’t be fooled by slick ads and unrealistic promises because our children needs you to make the right choice this time in our nation's history.

Vera Richardson

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