Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Old NUCLEAR OPTION: Call 202-224-3542 Tell Reid to Use it now


UPDATE POST published 7/16/13

Call for Action: CALL 202-224-3542 tell Seanator Reid to use the Nuclear Option Now!

On October 31, 2013,  According to the Huffington Post "Vice President Biden  said it might be time to change the institution's rules using the nuclear option after Republicans blocked yet another one of President Barack Obama's nominees.Rep. Mel Watt (D-N.C.) to oversee the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Under the nuclear option, or the constitutional option, the party in charge can use procedural maneuvers to set new precedents, then change the rules with a simple majority of 51."

We can't and won't wait any longer for President Obama's judiciary appointments to be appointed and confirmed. GOP has held up federal judges that he wants to appoint to the federal courts and other important nominees. The Senate stepped back from the "nuclear option" after group of Republicans led by Sen. John McCain made a deal with Reid."

President Obama supporters of all races please call Harry Reid and tell him not to back down from imposing nuclear option.  Reform the rules now because we need  all of President Obama nominees confirmed especially all federal judges vacancies which are lifetime appointments filled this year before the midterm elections of 2014. 

Trayvon Martin cases is one of the reason that we need federal judges appointed by President Obama confirmed. Martin is a painful example that Blacks don't receive fair trials and/or just verdicts. Martin's case is also an example that racism not only still exists in America, it is still rampant. This fact contradicts our refined politically correct sensibilities.

We truly want to believe that everybody has an equal opportunity to become successful. We are willing to concede that some ethnic and racial groups have a harder time than others. And though we shake our heads at the unfairness, we are comforted by the belief that with the right amount of ingenuity, resolve, and luck, the potential of reaching success is equally accessible to all. Many Americans believe this but it is not TRUE.
The bulk of the most heinous and systematic racism is geared towards African-Americans. And though we have a slew of highly visible and wildly successful African-Americans to exalt and emulate, African-Americans are still disproportionately undereducated, un/underemployed, and wrongfully terminated. This is a true fact.

We cannot afford to muffle the truth because racism appears to have gotten worst since this nation elected President Barack Hussein Obama not once but two times. In fact Presient Obama has been the object of undeniable RACISM. We can't change the hearts and minds of RACIST people who are determined to denied President Obama a successful presidency but we can DEMAND that our party used every weapon available including the nuclear option to crush the REPUBLICAN PARTY unrelentless opposition to Obama's legitimacy.  

Call 202-224-3542 tell  Harry Reid to use the Nuclear Option NOW!
 Vera Richardson

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