Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ignore Tom Joyner BOYCOTT Trump’s 2013 Season of All Star Celebrity Apprentice

I am outraged that Tom Joyner is promoting Donald Trump’s All Star Celebrity Apprentice on his website and on facebook. Donald Trump demonstrated that he is a “RACIST” with his birther demands that resulted in this nation’s first African-American president producing his birth certificate. Donald Trump demanding and offering money to a charity of President Obama choice if the president produced his college transcripts is another example of his racist views of President Obama and us.

President Obama’s vision for this nation includes equality and justice for all of its citizens. I believe that Trump is a part of an organized effort by the Republicans governors and members in Congress, some Supreme Court justices, business owners, and corporations to hinder President Obama presidency and to punish/discourage those of us who are responsible for his two victories.

As Al Sharpton stated at Martin Luther King’s 2011 dedication ceremony this is not about OBAMA this is about my MOMMA. I would add this is not about OBAMA it's about our children and our children children!

 African-Americans like other races can’t control what other people say or their actions but we can do our part to determine our own fate and destiny. It shouldn’t matter who the celebrities are or their skin color for African-Americans to unite and BOYCOTT Trump’s All Star Celebrity Apprentice for the entire season including the March 3, 2013, premiere.

Vera Richardson Author of Screwed by Former Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer

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