Sunday, April 29, 2012

Judge Lester Should Revoke Zimmerman’s Bail for Lying in Court

Judge Lester’s discussion that downplayed Zimmerman’s two prior criminal encounters withthe law, allow Zimmerman’s father, mother, and wife to testify over the phone about his finances and criminal history, grant bail without requesting bank statements and/or mortgage documents to verified if Zimmerman or his family were indigent, and to issue his decision from the bench to release George Zimmerman on $150, 000 after Zimmerman committed perjury minutes before his unjust ruling  when he said he thought Martin was about his age (28 years old) can be attribute to Lester being incompetent and/or bias towards Zimmerman being found not quilty.
In an article  on New Channel 5 website  “Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda asked Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. to increase Zimmerman's $150,000 bond. But the judge said he would delay ruling on the request, in part because he does not know if he has the authority to do so. Lester said he is also concerned about revealing the names of donors. "I'm not going to make a snap decision," Lester said.”   If Lester doesn’t have the authority to increase Zimmerman’s bond who does?  Why didn’t the Assistant Attorney Bernie de la Rionda ask to have Zimmerman’s bond revolt and have him returned to jail immediately?

In order for this case to have the appearance of fairness Judge Lester needs to revolt Zimmerman’s bail and remand him back to a local jail.  Additionally Zimmerman safety and the safety of the community can be better accomplished if he is locked up until the end of his jury trial.

Vera Richardson
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