Friday, December 16, 2011

THE HELP Must See Movie for African-Americans

I am encouraging African-Americans to reconsider their decision not to support of even view the movie "The Help."  The movie is current available on DVD and Blu- ray and has been nominated for Sag and Golden Globe awards including best actress for Viola Davis.

As a race of people African-Americans are currently losing ground on hard fought battles for equality, jobs, housing, education, and voting rights. We must use our God given talents and common sense to save ourselves. Since the election of this nation's first "Black" president Barack Obama many in politics are openly stating "that they want to take their country back."

The Help is a great tool to use to remind us and our children of some of the possible implications of cries by white politicians to take their country back mean. It is also a tool to use to encourage and educate our children and their friends to strive to achieve academic, political, personal, and financial success from an early age. Lastly is also an excellent tool to motivate us to put on your matching shoes and work to re-elect President Obama in order for him to continue his vision of moving this country forward by achieving equality and justice for ALL Americans including us.

NOTE: Picture of actress Viola Davis and Vera Richardson was taken by my daughter Julieannah in January 2009 at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, CA.
Vera Richardson
Author of Screwed by Former Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer

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